Relevance and timeliness are at the heart of what today's online customers expect from a company. The search engines and social networks have built-in algorithms to make judgment calls about what is relevant and timely for their users.

If a business wants to stand out, capture, and retain a customer's attention today, their approach to content must be completely integrated with their business, and built around these 4 values:

Good news first: You can do this!

Most businesses are fully capable of producing content that embodies those four values, especially Utility.

Why? Because you have the experience and expertise, you know the questions they ask, the troubles they face, and how your product or service makes their lives better.

If you didn't, you wouldn't be in business.

Now, the bad news: It's a complex process

Executing an effective content marketing plan means bringing together sales, support, marketing, graphics, web, social, SEO, your agency, and even your customers. They've all got a full plate as it is, which is why so many content marketing plans fall short of expectations:

  • Social profiles get started but fizzle out after a few months.
  • Your blog hasn't had a new post since 2013.
  • You aren't taking advantage of how video and visuals can amplify visibility.
  • Customer feedback is neglected, holding the company back from getting word of mouth referrals.
  • You don't know how to measure performance.

Good news again: we can help!

If you've found yourself in any of those situations above, tell us in the Get in touch tab below. We will set up a call with you and our team and find the most efficient way to get that expertise out of your head and onto the web for the benefit of your customers.

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